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Book Place, Vista

Book Place Vista has been open since February 22nd, 2011.  Happy 3rd year anniversary to you!  Owners Dana and Sheryl opened the business because they were looking for something to do after retiring from their former jobs and because they LOVE books.  They opened their first store in Santee in 1993, and then moved, settling into La Mesa.  They were getting a lot of North County customers, so they decided it was time to open a store in Vista, chosen for it's central location. 

Around The Town:  What are the joys/challenges of owning such a business, and how important is public support for local small business?

Book Place:  The greatest challenge is paying the rent!  You can imagine when you are selling books at $1.50 each with credit, it takes a lot of book sales to cover the high Shadowridge rents!  So we need a lot more locals to know that we're here and to shop with us.  The joys are meeting all the nice people and children that love to read and their enthusiasm in finding a great, clean, organized used book store that also has children's books. You are also helping support small business which is awesome!

Around The Town:  What are the advantages to shopping in a used book store and recycling books you are finished with?

Book Place:  The main advantage is being able to read a good book at a great price, often less than a lot of e-reader prices.  If you recycle previously read books to the store (or bring one back that you purchased there), then you get a discount on "new" book purchases.  Everyone is going green these days! It's a good thing.

Around The Town:  What is your mission?

Book Place:  We want to keep books alive and available for all who love to have an actual book in their hands.

Around The Town: What is the process when someone brings used books into your store as far as receiving credits, and what is the general price range of books and what type of books do you sell?

Book Place:  We sell mostly fiction paperback books, and we have a small section of non-fiction.  However, our nice-sized kids section is pretty busy too.  We love getting in good condition kids and teen books.  In general our policy is "for every book you bring in that we can take, you can buy one of our books for half price or up to $2 off our very reasonable prices."  Most books are $3-$4.  Occasionally, you will find one that is more.  $8 cash and $6 with credit is the most we've ever charged and that's for a just-out hardback.

If you have never been to Book Place, it's time you schedule a trip!  If you live in the area and drive by, here is a reminder to stop in and see what is new on the shelves. Around The Town is a big supporter of small, local business and together we can make our small businesses THRIVE when we bring them our business. Book Place hopes to see you SOON!  Please like their Facebook page too!


 You can find Book Place at 1580 S Melrose Dr, Vista, CA 92081  Phone:(760) 599-8500

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