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Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens

Welcome to Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens in Fallbrook, my "find of the year."  This is truly a destination and a world away from the world where you can enjoy tranquility, beauty and a quaintness unlike anywhere else in San Diego County.  The property is full of attractions and details outlined below.  Please make visiting Myrtle Creek a priority on your list of things to do and places to visit. It is truly special and unique and I cannot wait for you to experience it for yourself!


Botanical Gardens

A garden experience like no other.

The moment you set foot on the awe-inspiring grounds of Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens, you will feel a sense of peace and tranquility. Strolling the gardens is a relaxing experience that calms the mind and reminds you of a simpler time. This botanical destination is an exploration of unique concept gardens all set in the shade of an historic California live oak forest. Search and discover thousands of unique plant varieties, such as Kangaroo Paw, Kittens Ears, Purple Princess Flower, Lions Tail, Tiny Monster Geranium and Flame vines.

Sherman Plantation House

This grand structure with its 1500 square foot wraparound covered porch was crafted based on an original architectural drawing of a 1840s Atlanta Georgia Plantation House. The Sherman family are 3rd generation proprietors of Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens and are the descendants of General William Tecumseh Sherman.  Sherman was nicknamed “Uncle Billy” by his Union Army troops and is famous for his fight for “freedom for all” in the American Civil War of the 1860s.

The Old Carriage House

The rustic carriage house features a native granite stone foundation that dates back to the early 1900s. Its hayloft was used to keep livestock feed off the ground and still allow for livestock animals to live inside. It was later used to store wagons, buggies and farm equipment.

Fallbrook Landmark Red Barn

The landmark livestock barn, circa 1898, is the oldest original structure on the garden grounds. Settlers raised the barn and resided with their livestock while they constructed the Fallbrook Farmhouse. The barn’s red color is actually derived from the original settlers who treated the wood planking with a mixture of linseed oil and rust from old farm equipment as a wood preservative. Today the Fallbrook Landmark Barn stands as an icon and a tribute to Fallbrook’s rich heritage. A few lucky farm animals call this barn home.

1899 Farmhouse Gift Shop

This Landmark Farmhouse, circa 1899, was an original livestock homestead in Fallbrook’s Myrtle Creek Valley. It now is home to the Farmhouse Gift Shop where you will find awe inspiring gifts handcrafted from around the world.

Wild Bird Sanctuary

As you stroll through the historic California live oak forest, experience many of the wild native birds such as two pair of nesting red crested hawks, barn owls, blue jays, finches, hummingbirds and more.

Butterfly Gardens

Encounter hundreds of plant varieties that cater to pollinators such as the Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies and an array of hummingbird species and bees.

Organic Café Bloom & Coffee Shop

Enjoy an organic lunch or gourmet tea and coffee on the deck of Café Bloom overlooking the lily pond or help yourself to our picnic baskets and blankets and choose a shaded spot in the garden to enjoy your lunch. Reservations are available for group or organization.

Award Winning Myrtle Berry Pie

Voted #1, this fresh boysenberry pie is sure to delight. Grab a whole pie or just a slice.

Tractors, Wagons, Farm Equipment and more

View the vintage carriages, wagons and antique farm equipment such as tractors, plows and more on display throughout the grounds. Relax and enjoy live music on the garden terrace every Saturday and Sunday.

For the Garden Enthusiast

Thousands of varieties of bright and blooming flowers are on display, grown and specifically adapted for Southern California’s climate. Stroll the grounds and view the individual identity markers for each species planted in the gardens. Shop and take home that special plant for your front porch or backyard patio.

Tours and Seminars and tented pavilion reservations

Horticultural specialists will host a question and answer session, tours, seminars and hands-on workshops. Garden Tours are $3.00 and are held every Sunday at 1pm. You may also reserve a tour for any day of the week for your group or organization. The tented Pavilion is available for private gatherings, groups and organizations of 20 to 125 people.  

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